Raffles / Bunny fic: The trouble with socks
Oscar Wilde
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Some colored genderbend pics
Oscar Wilde
So these are so sketches drawn by  angelofmadness7 and colored by me on GIMP. I asked her to draw them for my cross-over chat room Rp on gaia. I have all of these guys in the RP, and I'm doing a 'bender bend' event. So- here are Basil Hallward, Oscar Wilde, and Bertie Wooster as girls.



and Bertie

or I as I call them, Barbra (Barb) Hallward, Ophelia Wilde, and Berdetta (Birdy) Wooster! They are posted in the order I did them, so Basil's isn't very good. I think Oscar is my favorite! I feel quite accomplished! But fairly tired....


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